On completion of the video sessions the candidates will have access to a variety of paid internships, provided by our business partners.
These partnerships will be with those that share our beliefs and goals, and will commit with us to provide a real and acheivable route into the industry. Partners will be featured on the website and social media channels. 


In the future we will be looking to provide workshop experiences for our candidates. These may take various forms and could include the below scenarios:
- A photo shoot, where mentees can experience the on set environment for a day.
- A talk with an agent to learn about negotiating appropriate rates for themselves and how to work towards industry goals.
- A day with a design team within a studio environment to gain insight into roles and dynamics.


We will also be aiming to visit Universities, Colleges and Schools to discuss the scheme and the varied opportunites within our industry. Roles in fashion can include everything from administrative and organisational, to the creative and conceptual, all of which require different skill sets.

The aim is to support, inspire and engage students at all levels of education, including those for whom further study may not be possible or neccessary.